“PAPER BAG WAIST” now does that give you any hint as to what it could be. hahaha the terminology is funny but itsn’t a farce. The clothing looks like a paper bag which has its end tied. This style has set the fashion circuit on πŸ”₯πŸŽ† and if you aren’tt hesitant to wear crop tops or even tucked in shirts this trend will take you places and being admired as the perfect in sync with Fashion

πŸ†š suggests How to style a “Paper Bag Waist” that comes in hell of a variety:😁
πŸ”Έ#denims #jeans

Team with Crop Tops or else just tuck in your top.
The idea is to show that paper bag effect and therefore the need to wear cute cropped uppers.
Layering can also be done with a trouser of a paper bag waist and along with it a long jacket or a shrug to give that casual yet “no nonsense ” look.
Don’t wait,time to get started
Stay Stylish β™₯


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