Here we are yet again!

How many of us love to smell good and we love to speak to somebody who smells good. To tell you a fact I am a big time perfume lover and swear by them. I may skip a meal (which is rare) but surely cannot live without spraying some my favourite eau de toilette  the entire day. Ok now don’t think that people who love perfumes stink like some four-legged creature. NO No please. Hold your horses.

The other beneficial reason of a soothing fragrance can be a great mood enhancer and can make your day. They help in not just keep you refreshed and smell good but it has its own additive benefits. If you know your smelling nice that also increases our level of confidence. It’s a lot more psychological than just the refreshing effect besides the Aphrodisiac effect. Hehe!

Keeping the season on mind why don’t we speak about the different perfumes that will be a great way to invest in smelling good. In my opinion , to look fashionable and stylish one has to wear:

Appropriate clothes, positive attitude and to Smell Good. without which no matter how much you spend on your clothes if you accidentally smell inappropriate then it can ruin any event. definitely wear cotton clothes this season, take shower regularly, if required twice a day and take the shied of deodorant and perfume , even perfumed deo talc comes handy in extreme cases.

Lets talk about 7 most loved perfume which one can buy and trust me they will be your best investment every 4-5 months. Keeping in mind the 7 Days of the week why don’t we play with 7 different perfumes. One for each day. Yea I know that sounds like LUXURY, but the best part is they all come in wallet size as well and we can afford such a Premium habit if we want to.

So here goes the list:

  1. MONDAY: GIVENCHY : Very Irresistible with its rose note primarily with the other undertones you can start your day and the first day of the week with this fragrance.

  2. TUESDAY: ISSEY MIYAKE: Reflections In A Drop with fresh smell of the nature. Although it has been a limited edition, but you can be lucky enough to get this natural smelling fragrance. Not oceanic but yes close to water which too has its own smell.

  3. WEDNESDAY :DIOR: J’ADORE with the most tantalizing smell to overshadow the mid-week blue very efficiently. My personal favourite , though it had drilled a hole in my pocket but never mind, it kept my spirits high.

  4. THURSDAY: BURBERRY: Touch has a very happy and fruity fragrance for those who love to smell of strawberry shampoo, apple body wash and even fruit flavored lip balms.

  5. FRIDAY:AVON:Little Black Dress  perfect to wear it the entire day and will also be a great fragrance for the after work socializing with its floral and spicy fragrance it comes in two variants and extremely pocket friendly.

  6. SATURDAY: Oriflame: Tenderly Promise the best you buy for your weekend outings, not too strong for your nose yet a promising note to keep of smell like a flower which stands true by its name.

  7. SUNDAY: Amway:Promise for Her the best that one can smell being at home and lazing with the fruity smell after a good long shower in this season to keep you happy the entire day.


That’s all folks. Keep watching for the following posts for the 7 perfumes for men which I am sure will be loved by all. I have a fancy for male fragrances although musk is not what is preferred by me but oceanic fragrances lifts my gloomy mood when the heat gets unbearable.

Till then keep smelling fresh


Stay Stylish

Love all!



One thought on “7 DAYS PERFUME

  1. Spoilt for choice seriously!!! Jadore is a must have. But we can add VS Bombshell nd Chance Chanel Eu Tendre. On a strict budget Lomani ignition gets the desired result as well. But now I’ve more frangrances (edp) to look forward to thanks to the post.


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