Hello my sunshine ladies!

How has it been and are you all geared up for the weekend, since this will be a suppa exciting for we all have to pour our heart out and express our gratitude to that special lady of our life whom we call: MOM

We forget to feel her importance in our life and in our development but we can always make a day special for her and shower our love which is simply selfless towards her just the way she made us from her bones,blood and flesh.

I have come up with 10 gift ideas which you can choose to from the list to make her stylish and yet being that adorable lady of our life without whom we feel incomplete. The list isn’t exhaustive though, each one of you can use your creative ideas to make her happy . I created this list because I feel its time to make them stylish which they are worth of.

SO, here goes the 10 Gift IDEAS created by  US  at V&S

  1. Silk Saree or a Khadi Suit
    Trust me with this idea nothing can go wrong. Being a woman I can never get upset with such a gift which is thought and given to me as a gift on any good day. The season also calls for cotton material so our lovely moms can be happy in this humid and sticky season.

  2. Gift Set
    Treat them with a parlor service or gift them a misc. gift pack. Create a basket that will have skin lotions, face serums, hand and body butter, hair volumnizer mousse. Or simply get it online from the diverse websites that offer such gift baskets and treat them with love for making our life worth.

  3. Perfume
    Fragrance is something that can be the best gift and it is also a good investment because it goes a long way. My mom simply loves strong fragrance and eau de toilette. But my favourite is Issey Miyake and trust me if your mom is a floral fragrance lover is the the best buy for her. But be very careful buying it online because a lot many online vendors sell fake products. be doubly sure or for the best way is to buy it from the sites itself.

  4. Bag
    Mothers are like hoarders and love to keep their bags stuffed with things which is useful for anybody and anytime. They are those planners and organizers who love to keep things handy and by their side. Gift her the bag which she would swear by.

  5. Comfortable well cushioned footwear for their weary feet
    Their feet is something which should be given the utmost importance it is because of their unpaid standing hours for us made us the person that we are today. They need to be pampered now and should be given the utmost love and care. Moms will love soft and well cushioned shoes that will not only look after their knee problems but will also look after their cracked feet and corns which they might face with other under-priced footwear.

  6. Silver Handcrafted Jewellery
    Whether they love gold, platinum or diamond, they cannot stop loving and adorning themselves with silver ware. With the ever rising global presence and demand for silver has made it a style icon in the fashion circuit. Choose the wide variety from the online stores that gives guarantee for their silver purity and gift her either a nose pin, hand cuffs, earring or a neck piece.

  7. Indo-Western Fusion Sets and not Maxi Dresses PUHHHLeezz
    Gift your mom indo-western fusion clothes which will not only make her as style icon but will help them gather all their long lost confidence the way they look. For gods sake don’t gift them maxi dresses , that will not only make them crib about their body basics which goes for a toss after their grueling days in keeping their family united but also the not so conscious moms who haven’t thought much about maintaining and looking after their body.

  8. Stoles or Scarfs
    When in doubt gift your mom the basic element like a scarf or a stole which she can use it like they want, either like a scarf, over their tops when wearing western attire, or teamed with a saree like the Uttariya which is worn over the shoulder or hung over the neck.

  9. Finger Rings
    Ladies love finger rings and they love it more when it is gifted to them from their loved one and who can be more happier if the ring is given by their child, which has engraved message to them! Customize rings for your mother and gift it to them with your special message to make them feel loved and important not just on that special day but  everyday.

  10. Set of lingerie
    The last but not the end of all the gift ideas is to give your mom a pair of good supporting lingerie. With age breasts do sag and we cannot deny that, for this she needs a good lift and support to give them a good shape and lift. This will not only make them feel better but they would love to see themselves in the mirror which most of them have due to building up the family through her unpaid love towards the family. Gift her with supporting bras or simply take her to the store and make her choose all the peppy or the basic colors that she would love to wear. Trust me no moms have ever thought of buying bras which would be almost 1k and above. Do not compromise and make her happy because its her day. Make her feel special.


    That’s all folks! Whether you are a girl or a guy who is reading this post, should get some idea as to what to give your lovely mother over the weekend. Have a great day with her and also treat hr with love and respect.
    Stay Stylish
    Love all!




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