So how many of us know the right way of the art of make up?
Even though we know , thinking about the paraphernalia make up stick to the most incomplete way to conceal our flaws like the under eye dark circles , blemishes, sun spots, pigmentation and freckles.

What do we do?
Simply apply foundation. and what do we get ?? a gray and cakey look which is absolutely different than how we are supposed to look. Right?? Yes!

But the right way to get a flawless skin is to prep your skin first.
Follow the steps in the order to get a skin that will be flawless and also long lasting.
1. A Skin Serum or a moisturizer
2. Skin Primers like the corrector.
3. Foundation
4. Concealer
5. Loose Powder
6. Bronzer or highlighter(optional)

This will definitely help you to get that look which we all desire to, off course it isn’t easy to master the look in a day but with constant practice one will get to know the art.
Moreover just don’t hide your skin under make up, try having a balanced diet, water intake must be good and some exercise will help you get that natural glow for your skin.

Try both the methods of getting that natural glow
Stay Stylish
Love All!

(pic courtesy: Pinterest)




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