Hello lovelies!

Weary of all the heat and sweat and cannot think of wearing closed toed shoes anymore.
Let your feet breathe, wear light comfortable footwear. Let there be no socks, no smelly feet and just lovely almost bare and summery feel.
We compile a quick and easy suggestive list of the MUST HAVE SUMMER SHOES which will give you a wardrobe check for your footwear.
So here we go:
1. Flats and Flip Flops with colorful pom poms, or metallic colored straps
2. Gladiators in any color and heel type with the comfort that one is looking for
3. Stilettos which has an ankle band to give all your maxi dress its full length look.
4. Wedge heels
5. Platforms that look chic with a white base heel
6. the Peep Toes for all the formal events to attend
7. the Beach Slippers or the Jelly Bean
8. Cotton shoes like the Converse or our favourite Fabric Ballerinas.
9. Finally the Slippers that we cant live without and is our staple.
Be Summer ready
Stay Stylish

Love All!



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