What is your favourite piece of accessory??
#LapelPin #Brooch #Fibula the most “in piece of accessory”
Lapel pins were a sign of affiliation towards a sports, its club or even the designation or rank in the army or any such notable services.
Usually they are worn on the left lapel near the heart as goes down since time immemorial. But with time and contemporary fashion Lapel Pins are a big hit with the fashion industry and it is adds an element in your clothing.

Lapel Pins, Brooches and Fibula gives that edge and an impression of the nerd yet being stylish. It holds no affiliation with the fashion circuit

it can make any lame ,dull colored dress into a happy one by just sporting a PIN.

They were used to pin up clothing but now they are used as an accessory just like the right earring, ear-cuff, finger rings or nose pin.
Try out the Pins to change the look of your already worn clothes to give a fresh feeling of the spring. Sport the funky, geeky, nerdy, military, ornamented, or just a badge to create that hep look.
Even with Saree why hide your safety pin when you can sport a brooch to pin your pallu.
V&S recommends to WEAR IT with a:
1. Dress
2. Jackets
3. Saree
4. Shirts or Tops
5. Kurtis and Long Kurtas
6. Shrugs
7. Crop Tops
8. Shirts with collars.
It gives that smart and sharp look yet keeping it clean with the ongoing trend.
The pic courtesy are from Jabong and HomeShop18
Try converting your clothes and get a new look for the season
Stay Stylish
Love All!!

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