Before going out how many of us do the following checks in front of the mirror?

The dress- Checked . Make up- Checked. Hair style-Checked. Nails-Checked. Shoes-Checked. Bag!!!!

Almost all of us!

We often get confused as to which bag to carry to give us that complete full-filling look which adds to the glamour quotient as well as a great piece of accessory. Bag if chosen right it lends support and compliments the entire styling . But usually there are people who carry the wrong bags with their type of clothes or they over match their clothes with their accessory and one of the biggest faux pas is they try matching the clothes, the bag and the shoes. We are no dress matching center, neither we want to look like an army camp where there has to be a uniform of color while trying to be presentable.

It is also not advisable to look like a circus tent as well but  a well co-ordination color of the accessory brings out the true personality of the individual and also adds that extra element to the person which makes them attractive.

Today we pick our favourite MUST HAVE BAGS in our wardrobe, so the next time when you go out , you know whom to thank 🙂

  1. The Clutch Bag : Dresses, gowns, traditional clothes are a big hit when rightly accessorized with the clutch bag. They can of the oversized envelope ones or the dainty looking .
    clutch Eli Saab.jpg
  2. The Tote Bag: More of the Utility bag. This bag comes very handy when you have a lot of things to carry especially the make up essentials, the gadgets and few other ladies stuff. It is more convenient when one has a child and don’t feel like carrying a Baby bag just for a nappy change or a feeding bottle.
  3. The Cross-body Bag or the Sling Bag: More of a casual bag and can be teamed with your denims and skater dresses. Gives that chick yet adds an element to the attire which lends the complete look.
  4. The Office Bag: Surely we don’t change this bad on a daily basis and use it roughly with no sense of love over it. We almost despise this bag. But yet again we cannot live without it since it has all the important materials of our life. Our phone, our earplugs, chap-stick, notes, a red and a blue pen, highlighter, kajal and even a mascara for the Friday night after work party. We share a love hate relationship with this bag.
    office bag
  5. The Back Pack Bag: It is a great idea to have a backpack bag wen its a casual walk to the beach or to the nearby park or for leisure purpose , a lazy stroll. It is a casual bag and very young at heart and can be teamed with your floral skirts, summery dresses, shorts. More of a bohemian look and it isn’t advisable to team it with either your traditional or office wear.
  6. The Gym or the Weekend Bag: The most relied upon bag for a night out at a nearby resort with friends and family to put your pyajama set and other requirement for the stay.

That’s all folks, get your bags ready for the next outing so that you know you are sorted for the look.
Love All


Stay Stylish




  1. Great write up, no more confusion….. Would have been further great if some must have color coordination ideas were given. Thanku V&S!


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