Watching the yester years heart throb Poonam Dhillon with Zarene Khan on a cookery show made me wonder , it surely must be a great feeling to look good since you believe in feeling good. That is only when what you wear makes you feel confident and hides your flaws underneath the layers.
Being 40 and above is the new in-thing in the fashion industry, because the body has already gone through ups and downs in terms of well being and is seasoned now. The face has its own shine, the sagging belly is something that is already tackled and isn’t much of a botheration and the look can be altered in gaining an absolutely new avatar.
V&S has come up with few suggestions for the ladies of the wonder years to make them look good,bright and confident. What if we have bellies, what if we have a wide bottom .??Everything can be handled with the right set of clothing.
#Scarf: hang a scarf if your wearing a shirt or a kurta with a neck piece that is long enough to hide your belly
#Jacket: while wearing a trouser or even denims try taking a jacket since it hides all that area which seeks for unwanted attention
#Determine your hem line:Avoid wearing the LITTLE BLACK DRESS since the knees speak a lot about the age even though one is a fitness freak.
#Wear loose tops , raglan sleeves and even kaftan that makes a lady in her 40s shine bright.
#Straight fit pants with tops that go below the crotch are the safe bet
# The staple salwar suit and saree are the safest bet one can always lay your hands when in doubt.
#Ditch the animal print for once and for all since it makes it apparent that the wearer is looking for all the attention.
Age is just a number, digits. One can look good if they have the zeal and will to look good and the trust in us.
Dress your best at your age
Stay Stylish
Love All


8 thoughts on “WHAT TO WEAR WHEN 45

  1. All the pics have ladies wearing solid colors…. can’t we wear printed patterns… Do you think wearing them would look screaming for attention too? Please help


    1. Usually prints​ demand for eye for detail and often leads to over the top scenario. Hence solid colours are safe bet, but if you can choose prints well and can coordinate then please go ahead and make your statement. Cheers!


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