Paithani Sarees

#Paithani Saree is a type of a silk saree that is hand woven and is traditionally a favorite amongst the  saree clad ladies of Maharashtra. This saree is primarily named after a town of Aurangabad, situated in Maharashtra named Paithan and it is one of the most expensive silk saree of the country. The saree had its origin which dates back as early as 2000BC and during the Satvahana Era and it also has its name being mentioned in the Rig Veda. During those times the Paithani Saree was weaved with gold and silver thread and was considered some beautiful curated pieces of art. The weave was loved by Madhavrao Peshwa and it also caught the eyes of the daughter of the Nizam of Hyderabad. It is a belief amongst the historians that the finest of the Paithani silk sarees which were woven with gold and silver thread were used as a barter method in Greece in lieu of gold during the 200 and 400 B.C

A Paithani Silk Saree is a must for the all those who love the 9yards and is a connoisseur, a collector of saree, of the most loved Indian attire whether amongst the youth or the old. A paithani has its own charm and grace with its zari work which has illustrative borders and ethnic designs to make the saree come alive to narrate its weave and aristocracy. In certain custom made orders a Paithani Saree is weaved with gems and precious stones and even pearls are used to make the saree look all the more royal with borders that have a slanting and a square pattern with colors that emit mixed colour due to the cross of two or three shades of thread while weaving and colloquially known as “Cross colour or short colour”

#Weaving a saree is a tedious and lengthy process and when a Paithani is made it is nothing less than labourious since it takes nine months to weave a gorgeous Paithani Saree to adorn the saree collection whether at the stores, or at the personal wardrobe of an individual buyer. The price of the saree is the hard work and the workmanship that is put in order to bring out the most intricate and royal looking saree of the nation. The border takes the most time while weaving since it is most elaborate and detailed portion of the Original Paithani saree. With price rise and everything getting economically feasible Indian paithani Saree too have got its alternative weave for of its kind. Cotton and zari has taken over than the previously known gold and silver threads for the weave and has made its way to the closest of every Indian women who fancies a Paithani Saree. In order to make a genuine Paithani saree skilled weavers are required who has enough knowledge about the material, the thread and also the colour dyes that will make the final look of the saree. Making an original Indian Paithani saree can fetch anywhere around from seven thousand and can rise as high as nearly a lakh of rupees. The cotton blend paithani sarees are hence a sure hit amongst the Indian ladies since its economic viability. Paithani saree forms an important part of the wedding trousseau for the Maharastrian bride and is the most loved handicraft which is considered for its reverence and prestige in a marriage and other social events. The saree has motifs of the lotus, the duck, flowering vines, peacock which are the most seeked while other common motifs like the three leaves, kalas pakhli, rui phool, stars and circles are also seen on the border and pallu of the saree. Green is considered as an auspicious colour amongst the Maharashtrian and green colour Paithani is the most favorite while red, white, and parrot green are the other traditional colours that Paithani sarees  are made. Although the colours are inexhaustible and there is a variant and a riot of colours for Indian Paithani sarees. Paithani is the most loved saree in the Bollywood’s A-list ladies who loves to wear the 9 yards around them. Actresses like Kajal Agarwal, Genelia D’Souza who wore a paithani in her marriage which was designed by Neeta Lulla, while yester years bomb shell Dimple Kapadia and even our beloved Kajol wore a Paithani for their D-Day.

Image Source:Pinterest.com

KAJAL AGARWAL in a Paithani Saree.

The saree has become a rage in the saree industry and an important part of the wedding trousseau or even for traditional events. The weavers recommend to dry clean the saree and also to keep away from harsh sunlight otherwise it will darken the silk thread making it look dull and black and giving it a frayed look damaging the entire royalty of the saree. One interesting fact about a Paithani saree is that it is prepared from vegetable dye which are prepared specially for the saree and colours like lavender,violet,blue,peach,red,pink,green are all derived from vegetable dyes and hence being one of the reason for the high price of the saree.

Save and invest into a Paithani which can actually be an hierloom and can be passed on to generations with pride and love.


Stay Stylish.

Love All.



  1. True, they are a must have in our Saree collection. With their rich woven borders and pallus they can transform any plain looking dame to a goddess with even minimal accessories.


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