Hello lovely ladies, this post is the need of the hour for all of us who love wearing dress and skirts, even culottes and also for Our beloved patron Ms. Shweta Vaibhav Nigam, this story is especially hand picked for you. Have fun, enjoy reading this.

The sun is high and strong. Bring out the shorts, the midis, the minis in form of either a flowing dress , the checkered culottes or a skirt in prints. No matter what its the best time of the season to show off those legs which were kept as best secrets during the entire long winter season.
We definitely cant show off our limbs having dry, dead calluses(not the infected ones though which is itchy due to some sort of bacterial infection known as pruritus) making it look dry,white,patchy and scaly.
Here is the most reasonable home made scrub for your long legs to flaunt this season. All you need to exfoliate your legs at home are:
1. Coconut Oil – 2tablespoon
2. Lemon juice – 2tablespoon
3. Sugar – 2tablespoon
Add all the magical elements for form a scrub mixture. Best way would be if the sugar could be coarsely powdered , else the whole sugar makes it difficult to scrub and it will not be that easy to scrub making the sugar fall off even before you try scrubbing( V&S Team: Experienced!)
You can also add lemon essence oil in place of lemon juice for that vitalizing fresh smell.
Sugar is a great exfoliate mix for our legs yet not being corrosive on our delicate skin, coconut oil gives that nourishment which a usual regular scrub takes it away while doing all the scrub scrub scrub.
Make this #DIY scrub for your legs at home and see for yourself to feel the difference. Have a spritz bath after the scrub. Feels good. (Optional though, but highly recommended)
Get going ladies, try it out and do share your story with us. We appreciate that!
Stay Stylish
Love all!!


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