Hello lovely readers!

Today V&S has come up with yet Friday happiness experiment and it’s not about clothing but grooming. How many of us face the problem of dandruff occasionally? Not the chronic ones. But due to bad hair and scalp hygiene, less number of hair wash due to hectic and busy schedules, or even over drying our scalp due to straightening and ironing processes done by us at home, and often the benign dandruff are caused either due to the following conditions:

  1. Leave-on-conditioners,
  2. Using somebody else comb or hair brush,
  3. Pollution OR
  4. Drinking less water.

So if we face such type of dandruff and even though anti-dandruff shampoos having given you the respite then this one time treatment will help you.

The following experiment has already been performed by our V&S Team in order to see the effects and also to give that trust to our readers and patrons so that they can try it once but if found not cured then do kindly consult a Dermatologist or a Trichologist as early as possible.

The experiment needs:

  1. Listerine mouth wash


  1. Regular shampoo for rinsing.


Make a proportion of half water ad half Listerine mouthwash and mix and Apply on the scalp. Leave on for two – three minutes and Rinse off with your regular shampoo.

You get a clean and dandruff free scalp. !

It’s a simple home remedy for those who have the mouthwash since this treatment doesn’t leave your hair rough unlike other dandruff treatments.

Try it out and see for yourself .

Have a great weekend


Stay Stylish.

dandruff cure


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