Hello Lovely people!

The Sun is out and harsh as well during the mid-day and it harms not only our skin of getting tanned but the UV rays also harm our eyes. It is a must that we must cover and protect our eyes with good coverage goggles or sun glasses. It is commonly seen that we do not spend much over our sun glasses and we try out all the styles with not having to spend a fortune. Well the branded sun glasses will definitely give your eyes more protection and help them from skin darkening and dark circles and wrinkles around them.

But that is about well being now comes the style quotient. Do we realize that all of us have a different shape of our face but we wear all the same type of sun glass just because it looks good on your bestie or on the colleague on yours. Wait! Hold it. Every face has a special shape and size of a sun glass. Each face has a specific frame shape that will adorn the face and even to an extent correct the shape of the face. Sun glass just not adds the right shape to the face for contouring purposes but it is the best set of day accessory when one wants to cover up the dark circles to the many reasons or even the puffiness when it isn’t easy to hide it otherwise immediately.

Like for an example a person having a Square shaped face should always preferably wear an Aviator sun-glass since it contours your face, likewise a Wayfarer style of a sun-glass adds that glamour quotient for the heart, round and oval shaped face.

The pictorial description shall help you find your right sun-glass for this season to make the mercury rise further.

images (31)

Get going and get shaded as per your face shape.


Stay Stylish.

Love all!



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