“Pre Friday Night Party Preparations”


Hello lovely ladies! How often you refrain yourself from buying that gorgeous halter top or kurta or a blouse just for the sake of not having the right set of lingerie or a good pair of undergarment which has no spillage and a no show straps.

Very often! Right? Worry not today V&S has come up with a solution, which is yet another DIY and can be easily done without having to pay a fortune for the right undergarment.

A top which is halter in design can be paired with a halter strap bra. But the most annoying thing about the halter bra is that it tugs you on the nape of your neck and rolls up, gets visible as well over the top. In order to stop that no show thing the best bra to wear with a halter top is a T-back bra. Although it is readily available at the malls and also on various online stores but why not make one for yourself when it is that easy to make with the basic sewing knowledge.

For this DIY you would need:

  1. Straps of your old bra
  2. A convertible or multi ways strap bra
  3. Needle and thread
  4. A pair of scissors.

Firstly take off the straps from your multi ways bra and strap and convert it again in a halter manner. Now use the other strap and let it go around the halter strap and make a formation of a T. Sew it. Wear it and let the side wings of the bra of either side go in between that T formation and clip your bra.

This formation will help in no show bra strap from underneath or even help in avoiding that tug at the nape of the neck thereby lending a clean look with bare shoulders and neck which is the right way to wear your halter tops.

For those who are having heavier busts can wear a bralette over the T Bra in order to get that right amount of support.

This T strap can be used with all the rest of your convertible or multi ways bra sets and can be paired with all the bare shoulder tops  which is in vogue and is called as COLD SHOULDER TOPS. Now we have enough reasons to know why it is called so.

Try out the simple  and easy to make DIY


Stay Stylish

Love all!

bra hack




  1. What an easy solution for us.. Brilliant! Love you V & S. Please suggest blouse sleeves to go with sarees for wearers with broad shoulders. Thank you.


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