Helloo Helloo lovely people! Being a Friday the Team has come up with yet another D.I.Y (do it yourself) which can be done by all of us. No wonder it’s a #DIY. We all have that shirt or t-shirt in our closet which we washed it all wrong. In the sense that it has either faded or has a color bleeding effect or may be the white has turned beige or crème anything but isn’t white anymore. What do we do with such clothes which we definitely have no intention to make neither our mop nor throw it away. WE CONVERT IT INTO A VEST!

Yea you heard right! You just need to have the basic sense of sewing and a sharp pair of scissors. The attached pic will give enough reasons to try out this DIY without any hesitation. It is easy and it can be worn under our clothes like our tshirts, kurtas, long kurtis , georgette tops and likewise, so neat sewing wouldn’t matter much.


  • 1 pair of scissors
  • Needle and thread
  • Old t-shirt
  • One of your latest t-shirt for the measurement


  • Lay down the new tee over the old one and get an idea as to how small it must be in order to be worn underneath your clothes like a vest or a slip.
  • Then draw the lines where you intent to cut.
  • Flip the t-shirt and sew it around the hem to make it wearable.

That’s it! we have a recycled vest or slip  from an oversized shirt or even our shirt or top that we can wear under our clothes with pride and also salvaging a favourite piece of clothing.

Get going and try this easy DIY


Stay Stylish

Love all!



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