Hello dear patrons!

It’s been long that our gentlemen have been keenly waiting for a topic that can excite them and what better occasion than giving them a topic to contemplate on International Women’s Day. Today V&S has done justice to them by bringing forth a topic that has been regularly brushed off while creating a style statement of its own. That is a Skinny Tie – the most under rated clothing accessory yet the most stylish thing to hand around with.Literally!


Usually a skinny tie is a style statement for people who are in the creative field and it is a strict NO NO at any corporate house. It is a casual accessory which can be worn by the fitter and the leaner body type. Skinny or Narrow ties must be Avoided by a broader and larger body frame.

Celebrities like Robert Pattinson,Taylor Lautner, David Beckham,Liam Hemsworth, Ranbir Kapoor, Siddharth Malhotra, Ryan Reynolds are ardent narrow tie followers and they have a built to pull it through. A physique that is built on muscles and no bad fat. They have a sculpted body and having a narrow torso gives them the edge to sport this look comfortably.

The slim tie must be worn in a way that has a smaller knot unlike our usual ties and it cannot be left loose. They must be touching the belt at your waist and preferably be clipped at the third or fourth button of the shirt and also not right across the tie, but must be small enough to pin it till the middle of the tie.

skinnytie rigth wrong

What else, grab a Skinny one and get your dapper look whether for the semi formal occasion or for that College function, or the Prom Night or the Birthday party of you buddy or for that beach side marriage being the Best Man. Adorning the red carpet look to the best way possible and also send us a picture of that happening trendy look.

Get Stylish!

Love All.



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