Hello Panda Eyes

Yes! You heard us right! We can conceal our dark circles under our eyes with dabbing the area with a red or an orange based lipstick before using your concealer and foundation.
This #hack is in fact the most trending thing that one comes across the various beauty media platforms. So, it was our effort to try out this simple thing to look good because V&S is all about #vogue & #style.

1. A red or an orange based lipstick is dabbed under the eyes over the dark circle area.
2. DO NOT RUB the lipstick, just keep dabbing or pressing the color on to the skin.
3. Apply the concealer before the foundation
4. Apply kajal and/or mascara
5. Color the lips and
6. Voila ! you are ready for the outing.

Due to our lifestyle, professional stress, bad dietary habits, irregular sleep patterns, few internal health reasons, hereditary and over exposure to gadgets like mobile phone, laptop and tablets and also the UV rays of the sun makes under eye dark circles in few individuals.
The entire look for the day or evening somehow gets hampered due to the panda eyes which offsets the effort to look good. Under eye circles calls for attention to get it cured and prevented
Although there are skin lightening products but V&S highly recommends to apply a red or orange based lipstick by just dabbing it under your eyes over the dark circle and then apply the concealer before the foundation. The BEFORE and AFTER look has been attached.
Makes a lot of difference making the eyes look brighter and setting the right skin tone for the foundation to set over the skin.



Will add the #tutorial of the same in the next post.

In order to lighten the dark circles one must:
1. Drink at least 2/3 liters of water daily,
2. Exercise regularly and cut the gadget timing from the daily life whenever possible.(Its tough but not impossible)
3. Regularize the sleep pattern,
4. Minimize eating out,
5. Remove eye make up before going to bed and the best way to remove is to use baby oil .
6. Apply almond oil with your finger tips in a circular motion and in one direction otherwise it will tug the skin under you eye, which is the most delicate area of our body.
7. Add a two minute eye massage routine before going to bed at night.

That’s it for now folks
Stay Stylish!
Love all!
(Pics courtesy: V&S )


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