There are patrons who often ask us at V&S about how to dress right for their professional life. I always suggest sari if the lady is not very comfortable wearing a western outfit like a trouser and a shirt or a shirt perhaps.
Lot many ladies have to travel in public convenience and at times it gets tricky while wearing a sari.
After a lot of ways to effortlessly look smart and sharp for the work wear #Ajio has come up with looks which can be sported easily by all the ladies who love to wear our traditional 6yards and even a candy to the eyes for the ladies who will now opt to wear saris to their work.

To buy them online click:

Style One
Sport your sari with a jacket or a gilet. More like our lady administrator. Smt. Sushma Swaraj. It looks after the modesty aspect as well as to look professional and be androgynous as well as being able to abide by work wear codes.

Style Two
Wear your sari with a shirt style blouse, helps in covering the mid-rif and thereby making us look professional.

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Style Three
Put on a long tee or a kurti shirt which can be sported with your work wear sari.

There we are all sorted with out work wear ethics and new ways to make us independent & confident individuals.
Happy sporting the new look
Stay Stylish
Love all

(Pics courtesy: #Ajio)



    1. A front pallu will suit broad shoulders if worn keeping these pointers in mind:
      1. With a V-neck blouse
      2. No embellished blouse
      3. Avoid puffy sleeves
      4. Make sure the pallu has no heavy motif
      5. The sari has temple border. So that the concentration will be swept away form the broad shoulders .
      Hope these will be of help to you!
      Thank You!


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