Hello gorgeous ladies!

Well let the lipstick stay on your lips and do the talking and for that today we bring before you few latest and trending lip colors that suit different skin tones , from young and to the old. Lipsticks are such that can be part of your make up, which can make or unmake your look.Lipsticks go wrong majorly when a wrong color is applied. Like for example a brown lipstick with a blue dress or a pink lip-shade with a green attire.

Lips and eyes are the first things that draws for our attention towards the others, we watch so many videos to get that right pout but what difference would that make if your wearing the wrong shade with your dress. It simply spoils the entire look.

So be careful to choose wisely your lip color and apply with finishing with a flying kiss at the mirror. It has been an effort of V&S to bring before its patrons and readers about the trending lip color of the season and also for the entire year.

  1. For fair tones: Select anything that range from red, pink, nude, orange, metallic, holographic and coral.lipp
  2. For darker tones: Red suits the darker toned skin like nobody else, also along with it the Gothic look can be pulled with a darker shades of maroons, browns, coffee colors, golds and anything that  flaunts the skin color.lippp
  3. For the young adults: In order to bring about the fun,flirty,vivacious side of the young ladies, one can sport, orange, pink and nude with a hint of color .

These shades can be brought from any store, super market or even from friends and family who are into direct selling of cosmetics. Do not get swayed away with their(shop keepers) marketing habits, let yourself decide what suits you and then make a buy since lipsticks these days are just not a make up essential but also one’s investment.

So choose well and wisely


Stay Stylish

Love all!


2 thoughts on “LIPSTICK ON MY COLLAR

    1. One must have an even toned lip in order to sport a lighter color. If not, just scrub and dust some powder before applying a light shade. But pink as in baby pink should be avoided and shades of red which are dabbed with powder looks good on such skin color.


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