Helloooo Patrons and Readers of V&S
Being the usual #FreakyFriday lets us see what the year 2017 has for us in the field of fashion and style although we are two months late to stack up our trend elements, but better late than never 😉
Your wardrobe can be changed into something very colorful and also happening by just managing to figure out the trends for the rest of the year since these will stay for a long time this year around.
So : –
Have a #shirtDress. it is the most in-thing and a very easy way to be that stylish chic with your confidence and personality.
Brighten up your wardrobe with canary that is hues of #yellow. Light, bright, neon whatever just lay your hands on anything that is yellow. This trend is going to remain till the late spring time . So splurge on the color yellow and not gold.
Bright Yellow Trend
Get hold of #capes for your sari blouse, over your salwar suits instead your dupattas and over western clothes as well. Trench coat is here to stay and customize your #trench with lighter cotton,Lycra,linen fabric and get a cool and edgy look with the trench on.
#Lace up your clothes. Traditional wear, western, casual, formal, anything that catches your fancy just team it with lace. The most dignified and poignant of style personified.
Lace Trend
Team your wardrobe and clothing collection with #khaki colored clothes. Gowns, sarees teamed with earthy color for your blouses, shoes, caps, dress, Palazzo anything. Its a earth color which will suit anybody who can carry it off gracefully since there is a stereotype that people with a darker skin tone would look all the more darker if Khaki color clothes is worn. For such wandering thoughts, team it with yellow, brown , pink , black or beige and there you go. You will not look under-toned.
Bring it up and gather yourself for the spring outburst
Stay Stylish!
Love all!

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