Good morning beautiful ladies!
A warm day ahead for all of you and wishing all the patrons of V&S a very happy and lovable day.
We all have a problem with our mid-section whether we are tall or short, brown or white, married with kids or not. Indian beauties have a mid-area problem due to diet and lifestyle primarily.
A brisk walk, few free hand exercise, cycling around ones neighborhood or even a low carb rich protein diet.
But even doing such things we do land up having a small area that isn’t that wash board kind of an ab.
So here are few styling tips for all who feel need to hide their paunch.(NO WE ARE NOT BODY SHAMMING AT ALL!!)

1. Wear a #shirt either which is below or till it touches the pant or skirt’s waist band if you are not tucking it inside.

2.Wear a #belt that is #broader than an inch and a tiny belt will put more focus on the problem area. It is a technique to camouflage.

3.Wear tops that is #long and is made out of natural fabrics that has a some movement with it. Like #lycra as a fabric for example.

4. Grab a #peplum top , the most sought after a slimming band for the waist.

5. A #textured top is a great way to take away all your attention from the mid section which is the problem area and focuses only on the top.

6. #Aline #dresses gives more freedom for the dress to move freely and also helps in hiding the belly. More so if it comes with detailing not on the waist but on the arms, neck or back.

7. Jackets the all time favourite method to hide in all your problem areas. Get a well made, tailored vest or jacket which is called as as #structuredJacket.

So bring it on and get ready for a great evening ,sort out all your clothing to dress well
Stay Stylish
Love all.



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