Good morning lovely ladies and gentlemen!!

Who doesn’t like to have skin that is smooth, supple yet not dried by the process of exfoliation. What is exfoliation? It is the method with which we get rid of the dead cells that accumulate over the top layer of the skin which makes our skin look rough, wrinkled, patchy, dry and even flaky.

In order to have a smooth and supple skin one must regularly scrub and exfoliate the top layer of our skin either taking palour-services or with products readily available at our home.

Home made scrubs are gentler on the skin and does not have any side effects unlike the products which can be bought from a store nearby. Home made scrubs have no chemical nor any preservative and is the most natural way of exfoliation process.

Things like gram flour, sugar, honey,turmeric even the milk fat and lentil powder and many more such home and kitchen products which we pay no importance to can be  good scrub product and can be applied as a scrubbing agent which will be gentle and yet safe on the skin.

This video link shows how to exfoliate your skin at home with products easily available at home yet in a gentler process. Check the video and have a soft and supple skin before the cupid strikes in a sweet way 😉
Stay Stylish
Love all😘



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