Today lets talk about the “Irresistible Stripes” My personal favourite and rarely a chance for a fashion faux pas since they are so much in vogue that getting your stripes wrong means absolutely no touch with the glamour industry and just trying to be a wannabe.

Anyway we all agree that we love stripes but then there are certain rules that one must follow while wearing a stripe. There are various types of stripes:Vertical, Horizontal, Fine and Wide.

Stripes can be in your wardrobe in the form of tee-shirts, tops, trousers, skirts,even flared trousers, palazzo,scarves. You think about it and you can have it, but one has to understand the body structure before sporting a stripe. A stripe tee with a pair of denim is the most basic and guess the happiest set of casual clothing. We can also put more emphasis with the stripes with our formal clothing in the form of diagonal stripes in our dresses, in our business suits, our official A-line skirts which looks chic yet very sharp for any formal gathering paired with a stiletto or pumps.



Wear vertical stripes to give that illusion of being tall. Incorporate into your skirts, trousers, dress even sarees and salwar suits or anarkali suits.


Avoid horizontal stripes if you are well endowed and have a roundness in your body dimension. Such horizontal stripes gives an illusion of enlarging your body structure and fairly thin to petite figure body type people can try such a scheme.


Wear vertical stripes to give that illusion of being tall. Incorporate into your skirts, trousers, dress even sarees.


Fine and thin stripes make you look lean and hence it is advisable for the round body type ladies to wear fine striped clothing


The Wide stripes are best suited for the tall and thin young ladies since it will give a dimension to your already lean body type.


Try out stripes in colors and just not black and white the usual stripe scheme which is in abundance.



Please avoid stripe over stripe. Pair your stripes with a plain top or a bottom or otherwise.

Get your Zebra look flawless with these rules on your mind


Stay Stylish

Loads of ❤ to all



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