A quick guide/set of suggestion for tomorrow’s big day : Saraswati Puja. A big event in the life of bong ladies , men and kids. As children the only legit day when your parents dont ask you to study .hehe.
Basant Panchami as we call and as it signifies basanti color or #yellowcolor is the color of the day. Not necessarily one has to wear yellow but shades of #orange, #mustard , #green are the most trending color of the day. One can wear any color as per their choice.
V&S wishes all its patrons a “Happy Saraswati Puja” and let the goddess of knowledge give us the right path in our life to tread it with our brain (pun intended 😛 )
1. Saree the epitome of Indian culture to personify beauty, the most loved piece of clothing
2. Team your saree with a back #ZippedBlouse. The most in-thing in being stylish.
3.Pair a #front slit blouse with your d-day saree look.
4 Go for gown styled saree with #NoPleatSaree.
5.Wear a saree with #colorfulpleats which we say “Kolanchal”
6. Looking at the season a #fullsleeveblouse can be worn easily during the day time .
7.Make sure your #pallu is #long to make few head turn :p
8.#Geometric prints are in vogue , so without any hesitation go for bold symetrical prints.
9.Have #tassels , #fringes or #pompoms or #latkans on your border or of the pallu.
10.Pair your favourite saree with a a #printedblouse.

That’s all folks. May all of you have a great day ahead tomorrow with fun, frolic and happiness.
Don’t forget to post your saraswati puja look on our page.
Happy Saraswati Puja
Stay Stylish


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