Winter is all about the perfect layering and also to look good besides being feeling warm. It is all about the right amount of layering to keep us warm throughout the chilly days and it is not only about piling all the heavy woolens. The right set of woolens can make us look more like a human than just a ball of wool.

Keeping in mind the season, the most basic winter wear to keep us chirpy and not falling to the whims of the dark , no sun weather.

Bring out the colors, the brightest of them all which you dread to wear during the sunny season, pull down the coats, the jackets from the loft and wear them with ease.

Winter makes life bit difficult for us to move with the odd numbers of layering.
V&S has brought out ways to keep the right set of #unisex winter clothing for a better winter.
Wear #Woolens, #pasmina , #Coats , #trench , #quilted #jackets , #denim #jackets ,#blazer , #leather #jackets
Stay Stylish
Love all!!!


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