Personally, we believe any kind of head massage is good since it brings about a good amount of circulation which helps revitalizes the hair follicle and helps in nourishing it. But too much rubbing and brushing again loosens the roots and increases the hair fall.
We all experience an increase of hair fall during the winter months and that is because our scalp go dry and enough food does not reach our hair follicles and anything that dries up-tends to fall .
So in order to keep your hair long and nourished besides hair spas, oiling and turban therapy V&S has brought #7SimpleWaysToImproveYourHairTexture:
1. Oiling with any hair oil,preferably #coconut , since its light and increases and also triggers hair growth with finger tip massage. Never rub!
2. #VitaminC helps in improving the quality of hair. Fruits like orange helps in boosting hair growth and also improving the quality of the hair. Orange being a a seasonal fruit and found in plenty have it in either juice form or as a whole fruit.
3. Have half a glass of #AloeVera juice or use its gel form on the hair from the roots till the tips. It helps in strengthening the hair preventing hair fall.
4. #GreenTea is rich in anti-oxidants and helps in boosting the hair quality along with decreasing your waist size. Double benefits.
5. #Eggs we all know is the store house of protein and our hair is made up of #keratin. One can use raw eggs for your hair as per the hair type the yolk or the white portion to mask your hair. Having an egg daily also helps in good hair growth although its an option respecting to all my veg and #vegan patrons.
6. #OliveOil and #CastorOil helps in thickening the hair quality when oiled regularly for a length of at least 1.5 months. A great difference can be seen when oiled religiously. Olive oil has #VitaminE which helps in boosting hair growth.
7. #Amla or #gooseberry as we all know since ages #amla has been in our hair packs and know its great importance in the #Ayurveda. Being rich in Vitamin C and anti-oxidants helps in hair growth and also adds shine to the mane. Either eaten raw or used as a hair pack will help you see results.
All the above are free from any kind of preservatives or chemical , hence to see results our patrons have to keep some patience before they feel the difference.
Let us know if you have any other hair tip which can boost hair and decrease hair fall during the winter months
Stay Stylish
❤ all

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