Hello wonderful patrons!

#FreakyFriday here it is and having a bad hair day ruins your weekend mood with after work dine or wine with friends,co-workers or family.

V&S brings before you how to tame your mane if its a bad hair day. The following tips/hacks to manage you flyaway or oily hair or the hair that refuses to look good.

Try the hacks for the edge:

  • High pony tail: Bend your head and comb your hair from the nape till the tip of the hair. Throw your hair back, it gives a bu-fount look and just make a pony tail which is high.
  • Braid it: Gather all your hair on either side and braid it into a single simple braid, making few fly away by pulling out the hair strands, to give that casual bo-ho look.
  • Bandana: The best way to hide that bad hair look, use a head gear, in the form of a bandana or a hair scarf.
  • Hair Band: Let loose the hair and use a hair band by pulling the hair from the forehead giving that chic look on a casual evening.
  • Blow dry or serum it to straighten it: One other way is to blow dry the hair and apply few drops of hair serum and straighten it to give that sleek and manageable hair for the night out.
  • Baby powder/cornflour: No we are not trying to bake a cake out of your bad hair 😛 but using baby powder or corn flour with a comb and brushing your hair with either of the two products will soak up all the grease from the hair and leave it better than the bad hair.

Try these and let us know how do you tame your bad hair days


Stay Stylish

❤ all



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