Hello lovely readers!!

Weekend is here and the best time to party without the need to get a touch up of the make up to pull through the party.We all must be having drawers full of make up products which we love to hoard because it is what we think will suit us. Sadly it does not and we end up using those make up products which we have been using almost time immemorial.

There are very few make up products actually which we almost need on a daily basis to make us look fresh since we all suffer from CVS(Computer Vision Syndrome: making the eyes look dull due to the long hours in front of the system) In order to brighten our eyes we definitely need to prep up our face first and for that the first most favorite product is to have a BB Cream which can give a very clean coverage over our skin and helping us to look bright. BB Cream comes in different variants and it can be well be suited with every skin tone.

Next comes the Under Eye Concealer, not necessarily that everybody has under eye dark circles but a good under eye concealer will also conceal the puffiness under the eyes due to illness, lifestyle or genes. Match the BB Cream and the Under Eye Concealer so that they can blend well.

To define the eyes one must have a Gel Eyeliner or any Eyeliner/Kajal/Kohl Pencil as per the comfort to draw and accentuate the eyes that undergoes such heavy stress due to the various techno gadgets which we cannot keep at bay the entire day. With it the Mascara for those who are pro with it and love adding that effect of drama into your eyes.

Lastly the pout and that’s the Lipstick which is the most illuminating factor of our face besides the eyes. A dash of color on the lips moisturize the pout and also giving a feel good feeling for the rest of the day. The same color can be used as a highlighter on the cheeks for that party look but careful, needs to be done very subtly.

Do let us know what all topics you would love to hear from us and we make it a point to create that article for you.

Till then

Just pout


Stay Stylish

❤ all


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