What is life without color and even better when the cheeks can blush, whether that is because of the love around or anything that makes the skin glow.
Winter is the season we can actually do a lot of experiment with our make up since it stays longer(:P no pun intended) We perspire less, keeps our make up base intact, lesser frequent touch ups needed and brighter hues can be applied without thinking about the warmer days that makes the eye screw and say.. “Whattaaa loud color that is!!”
Today being a #FreakyFriday V&Shas brought out few very personal make tips that will suit your #Winter skin and season:
*Make you eyes speak. Try defining them with browns and grays.
*Use metallic nail shades for the season to pep up the warmth.
*Balm your lips with moisturizer which has a tint of color, if you are a person who isn’t a lip-stick person.
*Have a nude base on your skin with a hue of pink or brown on the cheeks for a very natural yet fresh look.
*Try a mat foundation which has a tint of sheen and gives that reflective effect , perfect for this season.
*Smoky eyes are the best way to keep the environment warm.
*Nude lip shades are the perfect for the season, but colors like orange, coral,pink are fruity in color and are in sync with the season giving you that fresh winter look.
Look fresh
Stay Stylish
❤ all

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