#Winter at its full bloom !!
#Santa on his way back !!! 🙂
It has been a request by our patrons Nilakshi Chakraborty ,Monica Joshi and Debamita Ghosh Basu to have a post about winter clothing.
Ways by which one can look stylish yet keep themselves #warm. Here is the answer for a smart way to rock this winter for you lovely people:
Few pointers with pictorial representation will help all .

*#Thermals : Just wear them under your clothes. It serves the purpose to the T.
*#Jackets #BlanketScarves*#Stockings
*#Turtlenecks *#Skirts
*#Thick trousers
*#Saree with sweater blouse and taking the pallu as a scarf.(How can you forget the look that Ms. Sridevi posed in the movies #ENGLISHVINGLISH the sari and trench coat look.

Try out anything but keep it simple
Stay Stylish!
Love all!

(Pic Courtesy: #Google )


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