Ever wondered what the traditional clothes of our nation looked like , before the western influence. The first saree that was worn was as old as the Indus Valley itself, where the priests of that time used to drape. For the first time ever silk was woven around 2450 BC and 2000 BC.

The saree is oldest form of clothing that is still much in vogue and is the only unstitched piece of clothing that is still in use in the contemporary world. It is the most glamorous and the most favourite clothing amongst the women across the globe.

The Indian Sub-continent is divided into various parts and regions and every region has its own culture and tradition and Saree is one amongst the many culture and traditions that is deep-rooted in the land of diversity.
The drapes are different of the same 6yards. They are worn differently, they are worn with different styles of blouses, they are of different patterns, colors, fabric but what will remain the same is that it is and shall remain our very favourite “SARI” Have a look at all the regional types of draping.

Be inspired
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❤ all

(Pic courtesy: Wikipedia)

Source: Wikipedia

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