Hello ladies!!

How lucky are those who have an envious height, it seems everything looks good on them, provided they feel confident in their clothing. Otherwise a slouch with a height is absolutely like a curse. Every problem comes with its own solution.
And we at V&S feel duty bound that our patrons must get to know every clothing issue to be resolved with our suggestions.
With appropriate clothing we can turn our flip side that is  our shortened height and can change the way we look.
V&S has brought before our patrons few basics to give that heightened illusion with these few hacks :

* Wear nude shoes
*Put on a sleek belt, if you at all have to. It divides the torso to give that elongated look.
*Go for the monochromatic theme. Busy prints and too much of color creates  to look for attention. But it is the height that we want to give all our attention. hence stick to just mono chromes.
*Get rid of the shoulder bag. A bag looks bulky and it weighs a lot of your weight and height . No wonder why the models on a ramp do not carry a bag 😉
*Wear V-necks yet again gives that longer neck and thereby gives that height that one searches for.
*Pair a high waist-trouser or a high waist skirt giving that long legs look.
*Puff your hair into a pouf and a ponytail to give that longer neck illusion.

Hope these #hacks will make you feel great and also give you reason not to crib about your height.
Stay Stylish

#illusionaryheight , #increaseyourheight

(pic courtesy: Google)


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