According to Science  “genetics” has a significant role in being a plus size person. Genes may be  directly the reason behind being an  obese or plus size  disorders in individuals. 

Nonetheless genes does not necessarily foretell the  future health. Genes and behavior may both be needed for a person to be overweight. Likewise being anorexic where the disorder makes an anorexic always skinny. It isn’t the food habit always that determine our body structure but there are certain things which go way beyond our  basic understanding and it ends up with the formation of our genes, our DNA.

It is advisable to eat healthy and stay fit , rest can be taken care and no matter what confidence is something we should never give up. Being comfortable in your skin is the idea of perfect happiness which we fail to understand and keep tormenting our body by transforming it to fit into clothes not meant for our body type.

The International #runway is flooded with #plussize models like Candice Huffine, Ashley Graham and Robyn Lawley still they look stunning and gorgeous. Its the confidence that helps us evolve in our life not our proportions.
Be a good human, a good soul.

Stay Stylish!

(Pic Courtesy: Google baba )


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