Hello wonderful ladies!

V&S Team was wondering it would be fun if we put up a very easy to distinguish body type of almost every individual. As most Indians can identify with the “#FullHourGlass” type and generally they feel blessed about the structure. Such a figure is almost a thing of envy but then what about the rest who have other set of figure although being an Indian?

Will they not look good?Of Course they will and this pictorial concept will delve into us and will help us identify our strengths and weaknesses and thereafter we can dress according to the built and occasion.

It is necessary to recognize our shape so that we actually know how to look good and accentuate the part that will prove to be a thing to portray and give importance.
So now you know what your #BodyShape is and even if you are not able to figure out as to what will look best on you just mail us with your query and your body shape on our id and definitely we can come across with a huge basket of surprise of looking wonderful.

Love all!
Stay Stylish ❤


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