Good evening lovely people!

Sunday evening.. end of the weekend!!! Which we definitely do not look forward and we are into our MONDAY BLUES.

But unlike few moms , who have to attend a PTM/ Open House (Parents teacher meeting) tomorrow at their kid’s school.

Now the question is “#WHATTOWEAR?” (what to wear)

Tell you all very frankly the safe bet is to wear a Saree or a salwar kurta which ever is convenient for the gorgeous ladies.

But before getting into a Saree kindly note the following few things which should be taken care of:

* Wear a comfortable #heel, which you can walk around the school without the lift. Mind it one has to climb the stairs.

*A biiggg NO NO to any sort of heavy jewellery.

*Your child’s school isn’t your RUNWAY , hence do not try any kind of fashion or style. Wear the #Saree the most graceful traditional way.

*Wear a school appropriate #blouse with the Saree. Deep necks or back will only be called for unnecessary attention. The attention should be child driven.

*Do not accessorize yourself over the top(OTT theory). Your not the mannequin of any Saree shop. Your at the school to know the progress of your child.

*Keep your mobile phone on the silent or vibrating mode.

Rest you can all take it from there because your a gorgeous, concerned and lovable mother.
Be confident, shower your love upon the child
Stay Stylish ❤

(Pic courtesy: Google image)VOID


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