Blouse Designs

The most annoying things while standing to give your blouse measurements to the tailor master is to decide the shape of the neck both front and back, the sleeves and the added lattkanns. The dilemma is too trivial for a man to understand but it costs to be a woman,no doubt about it.

Having a great pair of bustiers is almost like a battle that’s won in looking good. A blouse can make and again it can spoil a look. So it is advisable to plan out the design before hand and get a sketch handy to show it to your tailor. It will save a lot of time for other stuffs.

There are few pointers to bear in mind to make a blouse:

  • If you have the intention to have a backless choli or blouse,get enough parlour services to give your back that spotless look.
  • If your neck is small avoid wearing a collared blouse,that will give a small neck further.
  • Try getting the sleeveless blouse cut according to your arm measurement.
  • Make fun elements in customisation of your blouse by adding latkans,pom poms,mirrors and anything that is fun and colourful.
  • Try getting a t-shirt blouse that is very much in vogue.
  • Don’t be over adventurous with your blouses because at the end of the day it’s a family event that you would be going to.
  • Front Heavily embroidered blouses must have buttons at the back so that the translucent georgette or chiffon will have a seamless look when it is draped over the blouse and over you.
  • Get padded blouses stitched when your choli is backless that will save you from the bra straps botheration.
  • Get a bra loop on the shoulder inside your blouse to fix your bra straps.
  • Wearing an underwire padded bra (optional) with a saree you wear with your blouse gives that oomph factor which an Indian figure is envied for.

Hope this blog article will be helpful in getting the right design for your saree essential : the blouse.

Start designing


Stay Stylish ♥




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