A #Scarf!
The idea behind a scarf is to protect us from the harsh winter, or as a religious binding, #UV rays harmful effect on the hair, #pollution and much more.
But do we realize that it even a mere scarf can give that dapper look which can enhance the way one is looking.
It can be used in many a ways
A scarf in the modern age has evolved in the way how it is utilized.
Scarves come in different fabric type and the silk ones are the favourite while a Blanket Scarf is in the vogue.
The most Stylish Styling of a Scarf after the Silk ones are the #Keffiyeh (the checkered pattern scarf usually worn by the Arabs and our hero Mr.Akshay Kumar. No one looks as cool like him while sporting a Keffiyeh)
Why wait, bring out your stoles, scarves,bandanas and head bands and let the style quotient rise.
Do send in the Scarf style pic sported by you
Stay Stylish!
Love all!

(Pic Courtesy: Google baba )


Image disclaimer. All images used are for illustrative purposes only.


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