V&S is very glad to help you wear the right set of appropriate clothes which will not only make u look your best but also help you in flaunting your #body #type.

Clothes help in making us look civil in the man made society and its the confidence that we are endowed with that helps us to look beautiful.

Being a #PlusSize person isn’t your draw back but try making it as your advantage to flaunt your body basics unlike skinny and #anorexic super-models.

You can try out these #basic #guide:
* Wear well fitted clothes, neither too tight to bring out the bulges nor too loose .
* Do not wear skinny or tight fit trousers. That gives an image of an ice cream cone.
*Wear trouser which is straight fit.
*Try v-necks, it will accentuate your neck.
* Wear long tops and layer it with a gilet or any jacket which has no sleeves.
*Wear colors and just not black. Come out of the stereotype color.
*Wear skirts which are fitted at your bottoms till your knee and let you calf do all the talking.
*Wear heels that gives an illusion of a longer torso
*Saree is a great option with a well fitted blouse for a traditional look
*Quit black.

There are various options that you can try out dear. For a complete guide we can sit together and plan out the best for you. Till then follow these (*) For a detailed suggestion email us and V&S Team will come up with better ideas to suit your need and
Bye for now but till then…
Stay Stylish!

(Pic Courtesy: #Google baba )


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