A lovely combination for the most #basiclook yet being #Stylish!

A skirt can be teamed with a t-shirt or a blouse top.

There are different variations to a skirt and if customized aesthetically it can be worn by anybody who loves being in a skirt rather than a pair of denims.

The length of the skirt and its hem-line matters as per the body type and this is the basic thumb-rule as to “what to wear & what not to wear” as per the body type.

V&S Team guides and suggests as per the body type as to how a skirt can be teamed either casually or formally.

Reach us to know more about skirts.

Until then Happy Skirting!! 😉


(Pic courtesy: Google baba!)


2 thoughts on “THE SKIRT STORY

  1. Love your blog V&S!!Can I team an ankle length kalamkari skirt with a plain knee length kurta?I am tall, of large built and middle aged.Plz help me keeping in mind my age.Thank you!


    1. A kalamkari print skirt is a great way to look classy and elegant at any age. If you have a problematic mid-section then wear a top that has a hemline till the edge of your problem area. Like if you have a tummy wear a top that will just hide the tummy area and not beyond. Since you say you are tall why to negate that positive feature by wearing a long kurta. Make a kurta that is just 1-2 inch below the waist band of your skirt.


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