Hello lovely people!

#Saturday it is ! and with that V&S Team got a trivial yet important complaint from our guy folks and friends that we haven’t taken much time out for them. So today the entire Team thought of throwing some light on the “#DressSmart, #DressSharp” for our guy friends.

* Try out the #linen trousers, and leave behind the denims for another casual occasion.
* Dodge the polo tees with the round necks and the #vnecks for a weekend.
* Try new classic #footwear and let the sneakers sneak into the closet for a day.
* A linen Bandh Gala or a #mandarincollar jacket is a great way to look sharp and smart teamed over a pair of casual trouser.
*Try the shirt over a tee look for a very casual smart-look.
* Brown leather #belt watch and brown or tan color classic shoes are very much in vogue.
* Guys, get your man hair trimmed if your beard(y) for that rugged macho look.
* Clean nails , toes and hands.
* Keep the hygiene in mind since just wearing smart clothes does not help in creating an image. Its the overall effect.
So keep it cool and clean! 😉
Stay Stylish!
Love all!

(Pic Courtesy: Google baba )


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