Good Morning beautiful people!
#Weekends are almost here and with it comes the evening wear problem. Friday dressing is something we think as #fun, #flirty, exciting yet #professional, outgoing, anything that gives an image of being stylish.
V&S has come up with the dressing of a “#Gilet” (pronounced as G-lay) which is a long sleeveless-jacket and can be teamed with almost anything.The length of the gilet can vary from being till the knee or way down below up to the ankle.
For the day, wear something office-appropriate , while in the evening slip into a GILET before hitting the party.
A Gilet can be teamed with a #shirt and a #trouser , or to give that feline instincts can be teamed with a faux leather #leggings, or for a nerd look with a kurta and a #palazzo and the most happy way is to team it with a #ghagroo.
A gilet is the most versatile piece of clothing in today’s age and it can give that edge over a simple look which accentuates the Friday dressing being fun and Being Stylish!
Happy Weekend!
Love to all!


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