V&S :

is a medium through which we help all those individuals who seek for a wardrobe consultation and help them to choose the best outfit which will not only enhance their look but also will be appropriate for any concerned venue and event.
Students, teachers, young professionals, housewives, ladies and gentlemen, children.. everybody is invited to take our service of consultation and see for the difference .

Inner happiness shows in our eyes and when we are appreciated and encouraged it reflects. This can be achieved when we dress stylishly, aptly. At V&S we are all clothes loving people who have a passion for good looking,branded , non branded, expensive, affordable clothes of any type under the sun.

Today we are coming online for the first time to change the concept of dressing well and being well-dressed.
Pour in your comments and ideas to help us know you better and we can help you the way u can be presented the best!

V&S is a kind of suggestive-guide who helps you dress well, look well and stay beautiful.. Being Stylish!!

We work with our love and we would try to reach out to as many to spread our love.!


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